For "Crave," the latest cut off Madonna's imminent Madame X album, the pop icon has enlisted the melody prowess of Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee and the production mastery of Mike Dean.

When pointing fans to the stream late Thursday night, Swae Lee said it was an "honor" to work with "the queen of pop." He also dubbed himself "king of melodies," a title that's currently pretty hard to argue.

Check out the music video above and/or Apple Music below.

"I think he's really talented," Madonna told Billboard last week of working with Swae Lee. "He is. I think he's a very good writer, he's a great singer, and he's so cute. Cute's important. He has good energy." The song was written early into the Madame X sessions with Starrah, initially put on the back-burner, then revisited later in the process.

The album's title is a callback to the beginning of Madonna's career, when she played with the idea of different aesthetics as a way of experimenting with her public image. "I felt like I have come full circle and gave the record that name because I am in the same frame of mind," she said.

A tour of the same name, hitting spots in Los Angeles and Chicago, launches soon: