After a brief step back from music, London-based artist Oscar Scheller is back with "Interstellar Disco", a big, bold and bouncy pop number brimming with disco grooves and synth pop melodies. Listen a little closer though, and you'll hear the track's a lot more bittersweet than you might have thought. If you've ever needed a safe haven to escape your problems, "Interstellar Disco" is that retreat. Fortunately, the track and its '80s-style video mark Scheller's return and he's not just brought this one video with him, he's also announced that he's finished work on his upcoming album HTTP404, due later this year. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Oscar told us: "The day I wrote it was probably one of the hardest days of my life and it means something very special to me. Luckily I was writing with Lucy (PAWWS) who is a musical soulmate and the perfect dance partner. We found a bittersweet escape. It's there when you need it. It's a song about a two friends meeting at a fantasy location called the 'Interstellar Disco'. It's a place you go when the sky feels too low and the universe feels too big and you just wanna forget about everything and dance like Napoleon Dynamite."

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