With an EP due in June and an album planned for later in the year, London hip-hop jazz duo Blue Lab Beats aren't in short supply of new music. It's a good job then that we have a premiere of the first single off of the upcoming EP, Vibe Central, with "Hi There" to tide fans over until the first project of the year comes next month. The track is a mellow mood with a groovy bounce to get your head nodding, perfectly bringing the feel-good nature of jazz firmly into 2019. As the track progresses, the atmosphere builds as more and more layers are introduced to the main melody, showing a duo at the top of their game. The scary part is, this is only the beginning of what could shape up to be an incredible year for them.

Speaking with Complex via email, the duo told us: "With this track, we wanted to try and do a nu-disco vibe and at first, it was a bit tricky as we don't normally go into this tempo, but it was really good fun going out of our comfort zone. And from this track, we've really just been experimenting with different sounds, sonics and tempos."