Just a little over a week after he announced his Live in Canada tour, Gucci Mane has decided to postpone his trip to the North. Gucci's rep told TMZ that he's pushed the tour, originally scheduled for May, to a later date.

According to his team, Gucci wants his first trip to the country to be a proper introduction, so he's working on creating a "bigger and better show" for his Canadian fans. Gucci Mane's criminal record made it hard to get a permit to perform in Canada, as the country is apprehensive toward allowing those with long rap sheets into its borders.

Gucci and a promotions company are reportedly planning a 10-stop run in September once he completes his latest album. Like the previously announced tour, the Canada sprint will feature major cities such as Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Gucci is rumored to be throwing in Toronto, too, making a Drake and Trap God reunion a possibility. For now, Gucci's camp plans to issue an immediate refund to those who have already purchased their tickets.