YBN Almighty Jay shows off his playful side once again in the video for "New Drip," which brings Gucci Mane and YBN Nahmir in on the fun. The clip features the trio hanging out by a a mansion pool next to models. The twist here, since the song is called "New Drip," is that there's slime and watery illustrations plastered onto the viusals.

YBN Almighty Jay makes a point to flaunt the Rap-A-Lot chain that caused a lot of drama earlier this year. The young star was violently beaten and robbed of his chain in New York back in March. Rap-A-Lot founder managed to pull some strings to get that chain back. Watch Almighty Jay and the chain reuinited in the video up top.

"New Drip" will be featured on YBN Almighty Jay's new project Legend, which is set to drop very soon.