When Giggs first let us know the Big Bad album was on its way, the announcement came with a big, blockbuster clip that showed a giant size Giggs stomping through London in front of terrified journalists and onlookers. It was an impressive look for Giggs, showcasing both his dry wit and, more importantly, a much heavier focus on the visuals. We thought that was going to be it, apart from some music videos, but it turns that signaled much more than an album. 

That video, it turned out, also suggested Giggs was starting to drop some serious coin on his visuals. Now, we're getting an idea of just what that means with a new short film called The Essence. Clocking in at just shy of half an hour, The Essence takes cuts from Giggs' 2017 mixtape, Wamp 2 Dem, and weaves them into a tale of a young man called Isaac as he returns from prison to reunite with his family and start getting his life back on track.

Directed by Myles Whittingham (who directed the video for Lily Allen and Giggs' "Trigger Bang"), the slickly-produced film adds a high production value to what is a very intimate and, for a lot of people, relatable story. Giggs' manager, Michael 'Buck' Maris, wrote the story alongside April Walker and Ashley Chin (who has previously appeared in both The Intent films and Eastenders), and The Essence also features the writers starring as various characters in the tale.

Watch above as we all pray for a Part 2!