Brandon 'BDot' Armstrong first gained a lot of attention for his spot-on impressions of all-star NBA players, including Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and James Harden, among many others. Now, he's breaking out in the world of music as Dot with his debut rap single "League Him."

Speaking about the release, Dot said, "'League Him' is a song that every hooper can relate to, and I tried to tell that story in my video."

He continued, "Whether it’s turning up before the game or just vibin and listening to the lyrics. I wanted to show the process of getting inspired and thinking, 'I’m pretty damn good! Maybe they do need to LEAGUE ME!'"

As for why he's decided to get into the world of music, he explained, "Music is something I’ve always done and been close to." After toying around with music for quite some time, he decided to get a little more serious about it. "I’ve recently decided to take it serious because I want to be the biggest entertainer in all areas. To me, that entails more than just telling jokes or making videos. It’s being able to entertain on ALL aspects and in different ways. So it’s time to make my mark in the music industry." 

Image via Publicist