The Uprise, if you didn't already know, are an international collective combining Brazilian Baile funk, Afrobeats, hip-hop and trap. Their membership varies from track-to-track, but their new single "Gale" features MCs W1zzy, Michael and featured artist MC Brankim. Released via Kondzilla, the famed YouTube channel that has since outgrown its roots and become a fully fledged record label, "Gale" is a high definition, bass-fuelled banger built for only the biggest soundsystems. The video was filmed in Sao Paolo and follows the core team and some of the expanded crew as they go wild under the scorching Brazilian sun, surrounded by beautiful women and some very expensive-looking cars.

Speaking with Complex via email, Michael told us: "Being part of The Uprise project has not only been a great learning experience but it's also been been a fulfilling journey. It's been amazing to work with such a diverse group of individuals who come from completely different backgrounds yet have the ability to relate to each other's struggle and really make that come to life on this song. The creative process was really fun with myself and Wizzy, however when MC Brankim got involved, it went to the next level. This is a brand new chapter in the evolution of music."