Coming all the way from Bergen, Norway, the same place that gave us Scandi-pop songstresses Sigrid and Aurora, singer-songwriter Moyka is today ready with her debut single "Colder". The song, as she explains below, is an uplifting story of getting through a break-up and making it out the other side a little bit stronger.

Speaking with Complex via email, Moyka told us: "When you are in that ditch, where it feels like you can't do anything right, you go through a lot of pain. When I say, 'I love when it hurts', I mean, I love that it's not in vain. The relationship is over, but going through the pain leads to some kind of transformation."

The frosty electronics coupled with Moyka's fragile vocals have Norway written all of them, and there's a pop hook so big there's no reason it shouldn't do well in the charts. While it's always dangerous to heap too much adulation or pressure on an artist so early in their career, Moyka does look like someone worth keeping tabs on as she progresses.