Late last year indie newcomer Arran George piqued our collective interest with his debut EP, What I See On Daytime TV, but he's already back with a follow-up single called "Half Awake". The new track comes from the follow-up to said EP, What I See On Latenight TV, and if "Half Awake" is anything to go by, it seems as if George will be building on the haunting acoustic songwriting with intricately layered production and amplifying it. Where the previous EP had uplifting moments, "Half Awake" is quite a bit darker and a little unsettling.

When asked about the track, George said: "It's about being a lotus eater, half awake and useless. It can take so long to realise you're throwing away everything for nothing at all. There's an old Frank advert where this young lad turns into a cocoon and it's that."

You can see Arran George live at The Lock Tavern this Thursday, Feb 7.