The UK music scene was shaken earlier this month with news of the tragic passing of South London rapper Cadet. Strides have been made since then to help ensure Cadet's legacy is a lasting one and following a memorial event in Hyde Park, an outpouring of tributes also came in from past collaborators Deno and Rapman last week. 

Cadet's cousin, Krept, has now unveiled his "Last Letter To Cadet", the final entry in a collection of tracks that saw the pair write open letters to each other at vital moments throughout their careers. Seeped in palpable emotion and heartache, this is a touching tribute that goes deeper within the family and uncovers the stark reality of losing a loved one.

Krept followed this with good news for fans unable to get some tickets to The Rated Legend show this weekend: the sold-out charity gig, in honour of Cadet, will now be streamed live via YouTube on Saturday 2nd March.