Having grown in up in Sweden and Spain, before moving to London, Ayelle has made a point of absorbing those disparate influences and channeling them into her music. The warmth of the Mediterranean and the dreaminess of Scandinavia can both by heard vying for attention in her creations and that's as audible as ever in new single "Obvious". The muted passion of her voice coupled with the layers of FX and atmospheric electronics have left us with a track that's ethereal and wistful, but there's an undeniable groove slinking through the background of the track as well. As soothing as the track is, there's also a playfulness to this one, as Ayelle explained to us below. 

"I wrote this track with Jonah Stevens who also did some co-production on my latest EP Slow Clap. It's got a playful vibe to it that I haven't really explored that much before. Songwriting is constantly helping me work through my emotions and this one is about being in a long distance relationship. It's important to realise that your feelings aren't always obvious to the other person, sometimes you have to remind them."

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