The wait is over, Beliebers. We now have a good look at Justin Bieber's latest face tattoo.

About a couple of months ago, rumors began circulating that the pop star added fresh ink to mug; however, it was unclear what kind of tattoo he received, as the tiny piece was constantly concealed with long hair and hat choices. New York artist Bang Bang teased the work in early November, confirming Bieber had tattooed "little words" next to his eyebrow. But now, another tattoo artist has seemingly taken credit for the tat. 

Jonathan "JonBoy" Valena ​​​​unveiled the ink Monday in an Instagram post, which shows Bieber with the word "grace" written above his right eyebrow. 

JonBoy captioned the image with a reflection on 2018. Though he doesn't specifically claim to have completed the "grace" tattoo, he definitely implies it. Complex has reached out to the tattoo artist for confirmation. 

JonBoy was responsible for Bieber's first face tat: a tiny cross under his left eye.

"[The tattoo] represents his faith and purpose in God," JonBoy told Complex back in 2016.