As expected, Don Q's latest entry in his back-and-forth with Tory Lanez has been delivered.


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Late Monday, Q followed up Lanez' "Don Queen" (itself a response to Q's "I'm Not Joyner") with his own "This Is Ya King?" The track notably sees Q dropping off his latest Lanez-related thoughts over the beat to Mobb Deep's 2001 Infamy opener "The Learning (Burn)." The song is available via YouTube up top. 

In an Instagram update posted shortly before the latest diss track's unveiling, Q accused Lanez of trying to pull off some Pusha-T vs. Drake-esque investigative work.

"Well, 48 hours is up," he said in the clip, embedded below. "N****s is scared. N****s is soft. N****s don't wanna do nothing. Your 48 hours is up. You're a bitch! You don't wanna do nothing. You ain't got nothing to say. You ridin' around with New York n****s trying to get help. You trying to find out n****s' baby mama's name."

Q also called Lanez "trash" and continued to question his ability behind the mic. "You can't rap," he said.

Monday also brought a quick exchange between Lanez and his former tour partner J.I.D, who joked that Lanez "got his hair back and [started] losing his mind." Lanez responded with a friendly collab invitation to see which of them "has better bars, flows, etc." In a follow-up tweet, however, Lanez urged J.I.D to "go ahead and roll the dice" if we wanted to take this exchange in a different direction. By J.I.D's assessment, Lanez is just trying to get to J. Cole.

All of this follows Lanez' public claims of being "the best rapper alive right now."