What does home look like in 2018? For many of us, the same as it always did—the house we grew up in, the streets we learned to ride a bike on, or the neighborhood that shaped our formative years. But not all of us are lucky enough to have had those experiences. Every week on the news, we hear about asylum seekers arriving at invisible borders with tangible dreams, hoping to find a new home.

For Gashi, that feeling is all too familiar. The emerging recording artist is the son of Albanian refugees from Kosovo. Born in Libya, he and his family lived in 24 countries before arriving to the United States and settling in the Flatbush/Kensington area of Brooklyn, New York in 2001. After more moves than most of us will experience in our lifetime, Gashi has a rather simple vision of home.

“To me, home is family all in one living room, watching Home Alone near the fireplace," Gashi says earnestly. "I want to have that same exact house [as Home Alone] in New Jersey, and I want to fill it with all my family members. During the holidays, I want people wearing ugly sweaters and watching TV.”

It’s a humble visual, especially for someone who worked with Nipsey Hussle and French Montana on his first mixtape, and who raps about diamonds and Wraiths. But for a refugee, it makes perfect sense; it’s an image of stability, of contentment. Of peace.