In a video that heavily features her family, London-born singer-songwriter Taliwhoah gives off serious Sade vibes on "Run Along"—her new soul-licked R&B single. Her last video came in the form of summer's "Soul Food", and this new track sees her building on the praise and acclaim of the last release, showing maturity and assertiveness while coming into her own. Taliwhoah continues to grow and develop with each cut, making it only a matter of time before the world takes notice on a much bigger scale.

Speaking about "Run Along", she told Complex:

"It covers a transition that had to happen to truly embrace and acknowledge my self-worth. I really dive deep into a reality I had to deal with, that many women out there have to deal with. It's a journey I had to take with the people that channel the most positive energy in me: my family. So with the track and video, I made sure I really kept it real. Really real. My family have supported and strengthened me through some of my toughest times and so, for me, it was really important for the video to showcase the foundation of my strength. Everything you see is a raw and transparent walk through my heart."

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