In the last week, a photo of what appeared to be Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways surfaced online much to the confusion of pretty much everyone. Interviews with the man who claimed to have taken the photo seemingly confirmed the photo's legitimacy, but the question of whether or not that was actually the Biebz wasn't exactly clear.

As The Blast points out, the photo is, in fact, a fake. YouTube group Yes Theory came up with the picture as part of an elaborate prank, employing a Bieber lookalike for a staged photo shoot in Hollywood. In a new video published today, they came clean about the whole thing, detailing what went behind the stunt and why they decided to go through with it.

It was clear upon closer inspection that it wasn't actually Justin Bieber, as Buzzfeed's very in-depth article exploring aspects of the photo point out. It was a fun little moment for a while with everyone getting way too offended at the idea of actually eating a burrito like this, but for this time it appears as though all the ire regarding Bieber was misplaced.

The amount of effort they put into the whole thing recalls Nathan Fielder's famous pig saves goat video, which went viral years before the Nathan For You episode with the elaborate segment actually aired. Watch how they pulled off the prank above.