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As we wait for Logic’s upcoming studio album Young Sinatra IV, the Maryland rapper has unleashed a new single called “Everybody Dies.” But don’t worry: The 6ix and Cubeatz-produced track isn’t as bleak as its title.

“Everybody Dies” finds Logic rapping about his place in the game, his professional and personal accomplishments, and his no-holds-barred political commentary—specifically his censored speech at the 2017 Grammy Awards, in which he blasted Donald Trump’s xenophobic remarks about “shithole countries.”

Bitch, sippin' scotch with Chappelle after the Grammys
Said them countries wasn't shit holes, they prolly want to ban me
'Cause I say the shit that others won't, prolly can't stand me (uh)
Like the rappers claim to hate me, but they stan me
I said these rappers claim to hate me, but they motherfucking stan me

The song’s main message is about living life to the fullest because “everybody dies” at some point. Logic uses his story to encourage listeners to take risks, become more accepting, do what they love, and disregard societal pressures.

“Everybody Dies” is available now on Apple Music/iTunes and via Spotify below.

The track will appear on Logic’s upcoming YSIV album, which is set to drop Sept. 28. You can check out the official video below: