Forij are a creative collective from Glasgow ushering in a new era of diversity. The crew's name, Forij, is derived from the word 'forage', which means to search. Since their inception in 2015, they've been searching Scotland's underground art/music scene to find a space where their work can truly shine. Forij's main goal is to bring together "creatives from different fields and give them all the space to interact and share ideas." And what's so great about this group is that they're attempting to be an example to society and show that young people from not-so-privileged backgrounds can come together and rise up. This push back is much-needed, especially from the multi-cultural camp comprised of mostly young black men­­­—a group who are often marginalised.

And it's no different in Scotland, where the gatekeepers of the music industry are rarely people of colour. This has led to Forij's vision often being misunderstood by those in power. They quickly came to the realisation that no one understands their community better than they do and so, rather than looking to the powers that be for support, they've taken things into their own hands in pursuit of viable careers within the creative industry, building a framework that the next generation can follow with pride. Having recently taken part in Eventbrite's Generation DIY project, Forij were able to showcase their different faculties—including curating events for organisations like the Architecture Fringe, throwing gigs for local and UK-wide artists and, additionally, using their platform to assist with promoting the various artists they work with.

Just as the creators need the platform to help push their art, the artists are also integral for the cultivation of Forij's infrastructure. Get to know eight artists on the roster that you're set to hear more of in the coming months.