If you thought something sounded suspiciously familiar about Tory Lanez' recent freestyle for Funk Flex, you're not the only one. One fan noticed that the Toronto rapper spit bars that were similar to rhymes from both Don Q and Cassidy (the Cassidy similarity, it should be noted, is something we pointed out at the time), and made a video to prove the case.

Lanez responded quickly, saying that using "similar words" was not biting.

"I didn't steal anything," he wrote. "None of the punch lines they showing are the same...Niggas tryna expose mans for 'similar words' Get out of here fam... Just go on YouTube and type in Tory Lanez freestyle... u won't find nothing that I haven't ripped. I been doin this for years."

Lanez is right that most of the exact lines don't match up, but there were enough similarities to raise accusations of biting from listeners.

Fans will no doubt be checking Lanez' upcoming album, reportedly called Memories Don't Die, to look not only for hot songs, but also now possibly for recycled rhymes.