Even if you're not the biggest Maroon 5 fan in the world, their ability to make hits is indisputable. Perhaps that's why one of the breakout stars of 2017, SZA, decided to link up with the group for a new single and video called "What Lovers Do."

Saying it sounds like a typical Maroon 5 single is both sort of unfair and yet also true. It's got that upbeat tempo that will make it a fixture on top 40 radio, high-pitched crooning from singer Adam Levine, and the assistance of one of this year's most prominent artists. The addition of SZA helps the song shine, and she sounds right at home alongside the group, pivoting back and forth between carrying the song and contributing background vocals.

This isn't expected to be all we get out of the single. Early last week, a video popped up from the set of the music video of "What Lovers Do," and SZA looks poised to be the love interest for Levine in the visual version of the song. If the brief clip is any indication, she'll be playing the "evil nurse / love of my life" role and taking care of the bedridden Levine. 

Hopefully this appearance on "What Lovers Do" means we'll be hearing a lot more of SZA in the days, weeks, and years to come. She has the talent and versatility to work with just about anyone, and a feature like this should help bring her voice to yet another new audience.

You can check out the video for "What Lovers Do" up top.