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Awkwafina is known for making guests on her new show TAWK awkward. There has yet to be a guest, however, that's been able to turn the tables and leave her speechless—until Heems. The New York rapper stops by TAWK in what seems like a catch-up between old friends. Considering they're both from Queens; there's a good chance they've rubbed shoulders before.

Heems makes himself right at home and begins ragging on British accents and American funerals. What's the craziest thing he's ever seen in New York? According to Heems, it's stuff that he's done himself, from spitting, shitting, and cumming(!!) on trains. If there's one thing Heems isn't, it's subtle. If there's one thing he is, it's entertaining.

Check out the full interview in the clip above. If you liked this, then check out a equally awkward exchange with Yung Simmie