Desus is back... well, kinda. The Complex TV alum of Desus vs. Mero stopped by for an episode of go90's TAWK to reminisce about the good old days and promote his new show (still with the Kid Mero) on Viceland. If you're at all familiar with TAWK and its host Awkwafina, you already know that things have a tendency to go left by design.

From questions about Desus' most recent sexual experience to his preference between trolls and gremlins, Awkwafina makes Viceland seem like child's play. If you listened to his podcast or watched him on MTV's Guy Code you know that Desus is not only hilarious, but easy going, so he has no problem answering the Ocean's Eight star's questions honestly. For the record, he's a troll guy. 

Check out the full interview in the clip above and be sure to watch Andy Milonakis and Aparna Nancherla take their turn in the TAWK hot seat.