Following the release of her stunning self-directed video for "Flesh Without Blood" and new song "Scream," Claire Boucher's long awaited follow-up to Visions is finally here. Picking up where the album's early releases left off, Grimes supernatural brand of synthpop wizardry is on full display throughout the entire album. ‘‘I was a much weaker person when I wrote Visions," she said. "It was a sad record- cathartic, but victim-y. During this album I’ve got control of my music. It feels more developed. On Visions I was still in school, mentally. Since then, I’ve wanted to make something strong and aggressive because it’s more reflective of me."

Stream Grimes' new album Art Angels out now on Spotify below or pick it up on iTunes. You can also catch Grimes on her Rhinestone Cowgirls tour across North America this fall including dates at Austin's FunFunFun Fest this weekend.