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Prince announced a week ago that he recorded a tribute song in light of the protests in Baltimore, which reacted to the murder of Freddie Gray by six police officers. Before the iconic musician takes the stage in the Maryland city on Sunday night for his "Rally 4 Peace" concert, he drops his new track “Baltimore.” According to a message on his SoundCloud page, he played all the instruments to create a new version based off a demo. He also enlisted the talents of singer Eryn Allen Kane who “graciously flew in on a moment's notice and graced the track with her angelic presence.”

Prince’s "Rally 4 Peace" benefit event from Baltimore’s Royal Farms Arena will stream live on Tidal. The streaming service also announced that they will match all the donations during Prince’s show to support Baltimore youth charities. “Please know that all involved in this project never take for granted the privileges we have in this country. Let's all continue to fight the good fight and confront inhumanity on every level until the day it is no longer.” Hear it below.