Haleek Maul has released two new tracks this year, the first being a standout Kit-featured track "Medicine" and then "Kingdom Come." While working on his latest project, Prince Midas, he drops "Somebody (Feuer)" today, featuring stunning chorus from Denmark's Kill J over production from New York artist Cubby, and his now frequent collaborator Shy Guy

"It's a song I made when I started getting sick of everything that was going on in front of me," Maul told Complex over email. "From oppression on various fronts by government systems around the world, especially the US to untrustworthiness and deceit on a personal level. It's about fighting, surviving the fight and achieving your own personal/divine purpose with your own hands, despite the pressures from external factors. If you burn for something don't let anyone take it from you.

His next project, Prince Midas, will be out sometime this year.