Lil Wayne is a Martian. I don’t mean that in the figurative sense like, “Oh my God, look how weird Lil Wayne is.” I mean it in the literal sense like, “Oh my God, Lil Wayne is from Mars. What’s he doing here on Earth?” This is a big deal. People don’t treat it as such, but it is. Maybe in the far future, we’ll hang out with aliens without giving it a second thought. But here and now, space and all of its extraterrestrials are weird—as in, not normal. And yet this alien walks among us without the controversy that this situation deserves. Perhaps that’s because you think he isn’t actually an alien? Then you need this more than most.

Over his extraordinarily long career, there have been hints and clues and sideways winks and even bold-faced declarations. (He has said some iteration of the sentence “I am a Martian” about 1,500 times since 1998.) So that’s what this infographic is all about. It is not all encompassing, but it’s enough to indict. Can you think of other bits of evidence not listed here? Leave them in the comments section below.