One thing that I loved having on the site was a recent interview with Just Blaze, where he broke down what we've been trying to tell you for a while: hip-hop and dance music have been more intertwined than many like to understand or acknowledge. To further prove how well these scenes interact, we present to you this new cut from Plastik Funk, where the memorable vocals from Grandmaster Melle Mel on "The Message" gets reworked into a club-rocking house tune. That "don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge" really can work a few ways–Mel used it for more of a social statement, but here it can just be the brink of losing oneself in the music.

Now this isn't a bootleg; this is exclusively available via Tiger Records on Beatport, with the full release in August. I had to find out how Plastik Funk got the OK to put this out, and they hit me with this statement:

"The original track was one of our all time favorites! We did a bootleg back in the day and played the acapella in our sets sometimes. It always had a crazy crowd reaction, of course, 'cause it's a classic! So we said fuck it [and] asked our management to try to clear the vocals. We were praying. It is terrifying to approach someone you admire with a version of their song. Especially someone you respect so much like Grandmaster Melle Mel. So three months ago we got a call and the amazing news that we could use the vocals for a collab track. We nearly died. We are proud and happy that Grandmaster Melle Mel accepted our version and we cant wait for the release to come out."

We told you androids it's not easy, but it can happen. Props to Plastik Funk for making it happen! Listen to the full track below.