Let's get one thing straight from the jump: Jillionaire is just that dude. He's that dude from Trinidad who through hard work and knowing some choice folks found his way into Major Lazer, the ever-evolving dancehall-meets-EDM supergroup headed by Diplo, and since then has aided in growing and expanding the sounds incorporated into that universe, along with Walshy Fire. Stepping up to the plate in a post-Switch and Skerrit Bwoy era was no small task, but the group has emerged to an even greater share of the hype music-loving population than before under their helm, exploding themselves into two years of continuous world touring.

With that time drawing to a close, if only for a short while, it only makes sense to see the horizons of each member broadening outside of the group during the downtime - but don't expect their edges to have dulled any. Jillionaire has linked up with Salvatore Ganacci and Sanjin to craft a high-octane belter with "Fresh," a big room house track, overflowing with dancehall and bashment party vibes - and it's actually far more pleasing than anything else to which we could apply the term "big room."

The video is as energetic as the jam itself, featuring girls getting simply buck as fuck in not nearly enough clothing to be dancing outside in the middle of winter, along with cameo appearances from the producers themselves and Walshy. The absence of Diplo's involvement doesn't go unnoticed - especially on a track that so easily sounds like it could be a Major Lazer original - but I'm not at all concerned about posing questions about that when the end result is as banging as it is.