Today Kanye West showed how good of a son-in-law he is by making an hour-long appearance on Kris Jenner's show, Kris, to talk about his relationship with her daughter Kim Kardashian and reveal the first photo of North West. But there was one thing that kept bugging us during the interview: What was up with that voice?

Maybe because he was talking to his most likely future mother-in-law or maybe because he realized the show is aimed at an older audience or maybe he was inspired by Lil Wayne's 60 Minutes interview, but for whatever reason Kanye spoke in a distinct tone that sounded very un-Kanye. We thought we were the only ones who noticed but then we went on Twitter and saw that lots of people were commenting on Kanye's voice. Here is Twitter Reacts To Kanye West's New Voice On The Kris Jenner Show.

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