On 2011's “A Zip And A Double Cup,” Juicy J officially coined the title Get High Rapper. “Top 10 Get High rappers, number one is my rank,” he declares. On the occasion of the release of Juicy J's new album, Stay Trippy, we decided it'd be the perfect time to fill out the rest of his list. The criteria here is somewhere between how much said "Get High Rapper" raps about getting high and how many high people he reaches with his "Get High" music. (Note that we are focusing on the RIGHT NOW, meaning that previous Get High Vanguard Award winners like Snoop Lion and Cypress Hill are not included.)

It was challenging to pare this list down to 10, because unsurprisingly, a lot of current rappers enjoy drugs. What we ended up with was 10 MCs who have carved their own lanes out of the drug-rapper masses, each curating a specific aesthetic that resonates with stoners. The true essence of the Get High Rapper lies in his ability to rap about drugs in a way that makes his fans want to join him in that activity.

I asked my Craigslist roommate, who doesn’t listen to rap but is a verifiable stoner, to tell me how each rapper makes him feel in the context of his weed-smoking life, just to get as close as I could to an unbiased high person’s opinion. By the end of the session, he was freely associating Schoolboy Q with slow-motion karate chops.

Here are the 10 Best "Get High" Rappers Right Now.

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