Alexander Spit: “One day, Kelsey bought a tape recorder. We would cop CD singles which had the instrumental on it. We would take that instrumental put that CD in our boombox, play the boombox as loud as possible, put the tape recorder next to the boombox and we would just freestyle into the tape recorder. We had no skills, I hadn’t hit puberty [so my voice was different] and we had nothing to talk about. All we had to talk about were girls in school and making fun of kids.

“We would get to school and record on this little tape recorder. We had weird mindsets like if we record in the bathroom it’s going to have more of a reverb effect, if we record in this little tunnel under the freeway where there’s a lot of weird echoes and delays it’s going to pick up. We would just do weird shit.

“In high school, we would ditch school and go to this underground sewer in the soccer field that had the craziest echo reverb. We would sneak down there during class to record freestyles. We recorded non-stop, even during class while teachers were talking, we’d whisper freestyles. We probably have an entire walk-in closet full of cassette tapes, front to back recorded.

“That led to us putting a tape together. We sold them and made $50 bucks one day from selling tapes for $1 each. It was funny to everyone because our raps weren’t serious. It would be like, ‘This kid is gay/And we from The Bay.’ Real simple elementary rhymes but they were relevant to whatever was happening in school.”