Previously known as Rich Hil and perhaps best known as being Tommy Hilfiger's drug-loving son, Ricky Hil seemed to have a good thing goin' when he signed with Warner Bros. But as you might know, that happened way back in July 2011—and for those not keeping up with their calendars, it's February 2013.

Thus, it's not terribly surprising that the kid decided to go the free album route with SLYDD, aka Support Your Local Drug Dealer. If you're unfamiliar with Hil, the title essentially reveals what the project is all about: getting ridiculously faded, dealing with the depression that can come with getting ridiculously faded, and then having sex with women while being ridiculously faded. See songs like "Xanax Bars" and "Understand Me."

If that sounds like The Weeknd's MO, then it also shouldn't be surprising that he actually shows up for standout track "Nomads." Elsewhere, Hil's raspy sing-song is joined by D.C. rapper Fat Trel and British songstress Leona Lewis.

You can listen to the album below and download it at Noisey.