You either love or hate Lil Wayne, but no matter what, you can't escape him. On what's a seemingly daily basis, Tunechi invades hip-hop headlines with everything from deposition footage to forehead tattoos to—oh, yeah—new songs. Because of this, so many minute details about Weezy's life are readily available, but not all of them.

Over the years, a lot of Lil Wayne info has flown under the radar. Yes, everyone knows that Tha Carter III sold a million copies in one week, but what about the fact that he has an entire Jay-Z verse tattooed on his leg? We dug through dozens of interviews and profiles to dig up tidbits like that and many more that don't always when to mind when the rap superstar's name is brought up. These are 40 Things You Didn't Know About Lil Wayne.

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