Travi$ Scott: “I was seeing Ma$e, Diddy, ‘Ye, and Cam’Ron and these niggas just extra ice-ied out , like ‘Yo I gotta do this shit man! Fuck this shit!’ Kid Cudi opened up this side of my brain to express myself.

“But I also like Little Dragon, Portishead, and Björk. Them niggas is ill. I like The Fray and Gym Class Heroes, that shit was fresh. Coldplay, their melodies was ill.

“I feel like Coldplay has the craziest, aired-out choruses, but the music was too happy. Portishead was extra depressed, Sex Pistols was extra depressed and just grungy. I like a dark vibe with choruses that are moody.

“It’s not always about rap to me. It was mostly about melody. I thought raps were dope shit about spitting. Singing gets on my nerves too much. I kind of sing but rapping is just like the core [of my music].”