Gucci Mane's work ethic is unprecedented. In the seven years he's been active in hip-hop, the Atlanta rapper has released more projects—both mixtapes and albums—than perhaps all of his contemporaries. Gucci's commitment to studio recording is well-documented, and his tremendous output in less than a decade supports this.

Most recently, Gucci Mane released his Trap God mixtape. Complex spoke with him about the significance of that project, but also, several other releases. There wasn't time to talk about all 40-plus mixtapes, albums, and EPs Gucci has put out since 2005, but many of the most notable moments in La Flare's discography were indeed discussed.

Read on from for a breakdown of 19 of Gucci Mane's most essential projects, with words, stories, and inisghts from the man himself.

Interview by David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

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