Last week, Kanye West shook up the world once again when he dropped, "Theraflu." The DJ Pharris-featuring track has everybody talking (You know you've got a smash when Today is asking Kim Kardashian about your song's lyrics and PETA is issuing press releases in response to it).

We've already found the best memes, picked the best lines, and even made a guide to the Chicago neighborhoods listed in the song. But we had to take it a step further so we got on the horn with the song's producer, Hit-Boy, to talk about how it all came together. 

Hit also took time out to explain what the deal is with that #JayZInterview he keeps tweeting about—he even spilled the beans on his upcoming song with A$AP Rocky (who he was recently spotted in the studio with)...

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

On Kanye West’s “Theraflu”

“We did the song like a week and a half ago. It came together real quick, that’s how it happens sometimes. I gave the beat to DJ Khaled for his album and he gave the beat to Kanye. Kanye heard it and he wanted to do it and put it out.


We don’t know what album it’s going on or where it’s going to end up, but it just sounds so urgent that people need to hear it right now.


“As soon as Kanye did the record, he emailed me and he told me how crazy it was. Then I got a call from No I.D. and he told me it was crazy. Everybody was hitting each other on how crazy it was. I finally got to New York right before they sent it off to Flex and Kanye played it for me. We were just in the studio, partying, having a good time.

“We don’t know what album it’s going on or where it’s going to end up, but it just sounds so urgent that people need to hear it right now. It hit radio and people are going crazy. When you’re dealing with a guy like Kanye, you could just have one of the biggest moments of your life. I had one of those moments like that with ‘Paris.’ I’m having another moment like that right now.”

On The G.O.O.D. Music Album

“We’re still working on it but it’s definitely coming together. With Kanye, it could be done tonight or it could be done months from now. When he feels it’s ready, we’ll put it all together. But it’s sounding crazy. I don’t know how many records [I’ll have on there]. I could have zero records on it or I could have 10 records on it. I’m just working and hoping my shit makes it.”

“Jay-Z Interview”

“‘Jay-Z Interview’ is actually going to be my coming out party as a rapper. A lot of people don’t know I rap. It’s a record I did, it sounds urgent, it’s produced by Bink! and I’m going to  showcase the whirlwind that I’ve been going through for the last year and a half. That’s what 'Jay-Z Interview' is.

“It’s just a joint that I did. [Jay-Z is not on it]. I thought that was such a dope title for a song. It’s crazy, I got a text from Hov the other day saying he loved the title to the song, he hasn’t even heard the song but he heard the title.

“I’m going to drop the joint soon, I’m putting it together. I like to take my time. I’d like it to sound all the way right and I’m going to drop it next month maybe. I’ll put it out and just let that ride, it’s some real hip-hop shit. It’s possible [that I’ll rap on the G.O.O.D. Music album] but it’s not going to be a guarantee. Kanye actually likes my raps so we’ll see.


It’s crazy, I got a text from Hov the other day saying he loved the title to the song. He hasn’t even heard the song but he heard the title.


“I actually started rapping before I started making beats. I started rapping at 13, but I stopped for a few years to get my feet in the door with production. The rapping comes naturally. People are really feeling the stuff I’m doing right now so I’m just working.

“For like the last six months I’ve just been dabbling [on the mic]. Just messing around in the studiom in-between sessions for other people doing verses here, verses there. Before I knew it, I had like five or six songs. I was letting my friends hear them at first but then I was letting people at labels hear them and they were blown away.

“I haven’t made any moves yet but people are definitely interested. They want to make moves with me but I’m really just having fun with it. I’m affiliated with [Interscope] but I’m not trying to make no moves yet. I have so much other production shit going that I really want to make sure I solidify myself as one of the top producers of music. Then, the sky's the limit.”

His Future & Working With A$AP Rocky

“I got an A$AP Rocky song coming out soon. It’s called “Cristal.” The world needs to look out for that. It’s the single off his album, that’s supposed to be dropping soon. I’m really excited about that.

“A few months ago the label requested that they wanted to work with me so we went in. I had obviously already heard about him. We did some sessions and it came out crazy. We just mixed the record the other day and it’s about to make some moves.


Kanye likes my raps, so we'll see.


“People are getting more in tune with who I am as a producer and my whole brand so it’s really dope. I’ve been put in a position where people are just fucking with me which is the dopest thing about this. I’m not really chasing anything. People are coming to me for what I do. It’s me growing with what I’ve already been doing.

“I’m working, trying to build my own production company, soon to be my own label with my artistry and my artists, Audio Push. Obviously I’m working on the Kanye solo album, the G.O.O.D. Music album, Pusha T’s album, just putting it together man trying to make the best music possible.

“People are really in tune with the level of quality that I can bring to the game so people are definitely hitting me up. I’m not trying to make too quick of a move so I’m just working and just letting it build.”