Joe Moses

Twitter: @JoeMosesBSM

Pros: He makes club-ready music

Cons: Already on the verge of becoming a one-hit wonder, his song sounds way too much like “Rack City”

Essential Listening: From Nothin’ 2 Somethin

With “Ratchets,” his ode to round-the-way women who aren’t shy about busting it open, Joe Moses has a hit on his hands. “Ratchets” is the latest single from the Brick Squad Monopoly-affiliate and All Out Bosses CEO. The song is in heavy rotation in L.A. clubs and has broken onto local radio station Power 106. Veteran rappers Snoop Dogg and Game have even jumped on the remix.

Now that ears are perked, Moses has the opportunity to turn people on to his catalog of music that he’s been working on the past few years, starting with his most recent mixtape From Nothin’ 2 Somethin.