Christine Choy

Wiki: “Our boy is Tataka is [Oscar nominated film director] Christine Choy’s son. We’ve been chilling at Tataka’s house all throughout high school. Christine is like the chillest mom ever. We can get down there and chill; she doesn’t give a shit. She’s always been crazy. Before I even knew about her films.

“The first time you meet her, she’ll just curse you out like, ‘Who the fuck are you?’ And like just shit on you. And if you don’t talk, she’ll be like, ‘Why the fuck don’t you speak?’ She goes in. But we have a close relationship with her. Her son is our really good friend, we’ve been chilling with him for mad long.

“So we were like, ‘Yo we gotta have the ill Christine joint interview—if people get it, they get it, if they don’t, then fuck’em.’ And it wasn’t even an interview; it’s just her going off. That shit is ill. When people tell us they love the interview, it’s like the dopest shit ever. Who knows? They might go and look up Christine Choy and that’s just bringing that to a whole new generation to some ill New York shit.”