Original Song: Harry Chapin "Cat's In The Cradle" (1974)

Ugly Kid Joe exploded on MTV out of Santa Barbara County in early 1992 with “Everything About You,” a top-ten-pop hate ditty that made them seem like passably dorky fake grunge punks just a couple months after “Smells Like Teen Spirit” broke.

So then what did they do for their (only, but also Top 10 pop) encore? Cover one of the '70s' most sorry-for-self sap-sucking soft-rock smasheroos, originally composed as a poem by Harry Chapin's wife—a dad's lament of being ignored by the grown-up son he'd never found time for all those years. Boo-hoo, dudes! And somehow, they managed to make it even worse! On the other hand, it did sort of help invent emo.