All Or Nothing At All

Considered by many to be one of the greatest magazine pieces ever published, Gay Talese’s 1966 Esquire magazine story “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” is still widely read amongst Ol’ Blue Eyes aficionados. Although he never got a chance to interview the singer, he did hangout with him and his crew. "I'd kill for him,” Sinatra’s friend Brad Dexter told the writer.

Talese later wrote, "While this statement may seem outlandishly dramatic…it nonetheless expresses a fierce fidelity that is quite common within Sinatra's special circle. It is a characteristic that Sinatra, without admission, seems to prefer: All the Way; All or Nothing at All. This is the Sicilian in Sinatra; he permits his friends, if they wish to remain that, none of the easy Anglo-Saxon outs. But if they remain loyal, then there is nothing Sinatra will not do in turn -- fabulous gifts, personal kindnesses, encouragement when they're down, adulation when they're up. They are wise to remember, however, one thing. He is Sinatra. The boss. Il Padrone.”