Buckwild: “We did that in a studio out in Rochelle. And like I said, it’s family. So when they said we’re going to do an album, it’s going to be us, Chris "CL" Liggio, DJ Premier, and everything worked out that way. I remember just going back and forth every day.

“It’s hard working with three people to pick out beats. It’d be a beat Puba would like, but Jamar wouldn’t like it, so it was quite an experience. Whenever you’re dealing with more than one personality it can be a hassle, but those times it wasn’t. Those were dope sessions. It was cool because it was close to home, and puts you in the vibe.

“Even being in the studio with Puba. Anyone who worked with him knows you’ll be on stand-by for hours or days. [Laughs.] I remember it took a lot because he used to record whenever he feels like it. Puba’s one of the coolest cats I met in the industry. But one thing he showed me was there’s industry time, then there’s Puba’s time.”