Favorite song: “Aquemini”

Wiz Khalifa: “Just the consistency of that album—the way they brought it all together—you could tell the vibe was there and that everybody was on the same page. They really had that whole project well thought-out. I always respect projects where the sound is all the way there and you could tell it’s not manufactured. I was always into music where I listened to the whole thing. And still being able to listen to it and it still being really relevant, it’s one of the best albums to just put on and have playing.

“I was like 11 when that record came out, so I was able to buy records. One of my cousins had the tape and I heard him playing it. He used to take me everywhere with him, basketball practice and stuff like that. So just riding around with him I heard the tape and just had to get my own copy. So I got my own copy and listened to it. I straight-up went back when I got older and listened to it. It makes more sense when you’re older. For me, it didn’t impact me the same. The music sounded good and that’s what sparked my interest when I was young. But I didn’t totally get it at first. I was a just kid when I heard it.”

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