Produced by: Organized Noize

Raekwon: “That right there really opened up the door for the South to come in hard body if you ask me. Like, when we made that record I can literally say nobody was listening to the South up in New York. Up in the East Coast period. When we did that record and they was playing it on the radio, everybody loved the combination factor that was there. And me, why I done the record anyway from the door was because I get a lot of love from the South, too. Wu-Tang gets a lot of love in the South, so for me to be fans of these cats and they kinda got their own style, I kinda like appreciated them a lot.

“One day I was walking through the mall and I seen Big Boi. I think we both were going to buy some jerseys or somethin’. We were in Atlanta and we both bumped into each other at the jersey stand. So it's like, ‘Yo, whattup kid?’ ‘You live out here?’ ‘Nah, I'm just visiting. But, I got a little something out here.’ He's like, ‘Yo man we need to get up. Let's do some things.’ I'm like automatically, ‘No problem.’ I'm in your city. You inviting me to come do something with you, that's not a problem. The love is there.

“Then, once we got in the studio and I heard that beat and Andre 3000 went first I was like, ‘Yeah, my kinda shit!’ And next thing you know we just went in and we just aired that shit out. They already had the hook and all that so all I needed to do was just come in where they said, ‘Come in right here.’ And, that was another quickie. ‘Deliver this through your audio...’ You know what I mean, like, it was just flyin’ out and shit. And, once that record reached New York it opened up the door for the South.

“I don't even think when they made it, it was something that they was banking on like, ‘This is the way we gonna win New York.’ That wasn't the plan. It was a coincidence record, and it took off because they was doing pretty good where they was at anyway. So when that record came, all it did was it just showed a connection, and it really made me look real big.

”That shit blew me the fuck up in the South. When I tell you everywhere I go, clubs, everybody? Everybody in the South knew that record, and it wound up being a situation like Nas being on ‘Verbal Intercourse.’ Now Rae is on ‘Skew It On The Bar-B’ in the South. So, while they blew up, I blew up too. So everything looked like a real chess move, but it was still coming from the heart. It was nothing that was premeditated.”