Release date: March 2011
Likelihood of release: Definitely
Producers: Joe Chicarelli (U2, Beck)
Collaborations: N/A
What we know: The garage rock revival of the early Aughts is long over, and while we may have moved on to bigger, brighter trends (yay synths!), there's one relic from that era that still delights fans to this day: The Strokes. Word of the band's fourth album, the follow up to 2006's First Impressions of Earth, broke in early 2009. Since then, there's been a lot of waiting with bated breath for every bit of news as the band chugged along on the LP, all while reasserting themselves on the festival circuit. With the album's completion announced at the end of November, fans of their post-modern New York rock are just months away from another saga in the band's history and a shot in the arm of simple, powerful rock and roll. Long live the kings.