Ski: "That was a freestyle that he used to do a capella. He used to kick it every time we did a show. That's how that verse became famous, he spit that verse at a Maria Davis event called Mad Wednesdays and the whole city was like, 'Yo did you hear that rhyme Jay did at Maria Davis?' The buzz was crazy. After that he just used that vibe of Maria Davis being there. [The skit towards the end] didn’t really happen. That was just us being funny.

"So I just had this random beat laying around and he was like, 'Yo I want to rap to that beat.' I was like, 'You sure?' He did it and it sounded dope so it was cool to me. That wasn’t my favorite thing that I did for him. But it worked out. It was something that was totally different from how the rest of the album was flowing.

It definitely displayed some ill lyrical shit on his behalf. I wish I had did another track other than that because the beat was just another beat I had laying around and he just wanted to rap to it. That was one of those situations where we really had to get the album done so we just used that."