A Georgia woman was taken into custody this week after she allegedly killed a man and his dog in a hit-and-run incident while speeding away from another car collision just minutes earlier.

According to ABC News, the deadly crash occurred at around 8 p.m. Sunday in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs. Authorities say 25-year-old Michael Farmer and his dog Bruce were walking on Hammond Drive when they were struck by a white sedan traveling at a high speed. The vehicle reportedly fled the scene, and Farmer and his dog died from injuries sustained in the collision. An investigation determined that the sedan was the same vehicle that was involved in another hit-and-run just moments before the fatal collision. The individual behind the wheel has since been identified as 38-year-old Dominique Houston.

“Sandy Springs Police Traffic Investigators learned that minutes prior to this deadly incident, the same hit-and-run vehicle had been involved in an additional hit-and-run crash with another vehicle while in the area of Roswell Road and I-285,” the Sandy Springs Police Department said in a press release. “The suspect was fleeing the first incident at a high-rate of speed when it struck the pedestrian and his dog; causing fatal injuries to both.”

Houston was arrested Monday and booked into Fulton County jail on multiple charges, including two counts of hit and run, first-degree vehicular homicide, and reckless driving.

“’Had she have stopped at the first one when she hit the car he would still be alive today,” Farmer’s friend Evan Sbat told CBS 46. “Having no regard for that and then after hitting him still fleeing the scene beyond that, it’s inhumane and it’s selfish and I don’t understand how someone could just do that.”