According to the eighth edition of the ​​​​​​​ Annual Marijuana Business Factbook, American marijuana businesses are projected to have an economic impact of between $106 billion and $130 billion by 2024. By economic impact, we’re not just talking simple sales but rather the overall effect that legalized marijuana and its tax revenues have on real estate, construction, tourism, infrastructure, education, and healthcare. Such an infusion of cash would be a real game-changer for Black and brown communities. The problem is that as the “Green Rush” has helped launch lucrative pot businesses in the 37 states where it is now legal, those businesses are overwhelmingly owned by whites.

Already disproportionately harmed by the decades long war on drugs and its legacy, Blacks and Latinx are hindered in cannabusiness engagement by systemically unfair regulations, heavy marketplace entry costs, and a lack of information on how to launch successful businesses. However, in the last five years several organizations have been formed to counter all of these obstacles. The following seven organizations have been especially successful in helping POC gain a strong foothold in the legal pot industry.