A UPS driver has gone viral after a Ring video showed him sprinting across the street to help a 4-year-old who was pinned under a package twice his size, Chicago Sun-Times reports

Marco Angel was heading towards his truck when he heard Max Pratt cry out for help while on his family’s porch outside their Oak Park, Illinois home last month. Pratt, who enjoys taking items sent to the house inside, tried bringing in the 97-pound package by himself, but he was left helpless when the rectangular box tipped over onto him.

Traci Pratt, Max’s mom, was upstairs taking care of his 2-year-old sister Lily when she heard Max’s cries for help. When she got downstairs with Lily in her arms, Traci was confused at the sight of a visibly shaken Max standing with Angel in the front doorway. It wasn’t until she saw the footage from her doorbell camera that it became clear what happened, and she was so appreciative of Angel’s heroism that she couldn’t keep this moment to herself. 

Traci shared the footage on the Oak Park Moms Facebook group where it grew in popularity. “There’s so much darkness in the world,” she said. “And people, especially coming off the year that we’ve had, just need some bright light. So I wanted to share it with our community.” 

The incident has left Max feeling like Angel is his own personal superhero, while Traci and her husband Geoff have come away from this ordeal with new ground rules regarding what their child is allowed to bring inside without asking others for help. 

“He was scared,” Traci said. “He knew that he never wanted that to happen again. I think he saw all four of his years flash before his eyes.”