Police are looking for two men who appeared in a video of them attacking and robbing from a UPS driver in the middle of a busy San Francisco street.

TMZ reports that the clip, which initially surfaced online last week, has sparked a police investigation into the incident. UPS driver Minh was beaten to the ground by one thief with a face mask, while a getaway driver pulled up besides to assist the robbery attempt. The situation first kicked off after the man who attacked him stole a package out of his delivery cart, escalating to violence after Minh attempted to get back the package.

He ended up losing two teeth in the confrontation. As the getaway driver attempts to speed off, the attacker trips and falls to the floor as he gets into the car.

“They start to hit me in my face, and they hitting me in my teeth, I lost two teeth here,” Minh said in an interview with KPIX 5. “They hit in my back, and I fell down, and the wheel in the front they run over my feet.” In the clip, he can be seen pointing to a package, and Minh said he did so because he thought the driver nearby was coming to help. The car was actually the getaway car, however. “He tried to run away. I said, ‘No, give it back to me,’ and he tried to run in the middle of the street.’”

Minh’s daughter Tiffany has set up a fundraiser to help pay for his medical expenses. “The funds collected will go towards healing the sustained injuries, supporting three children and his family of five,” she wrote. “He is another unfortunate victim of an anti asian attack and run." Speaking with KPIX 5, Tiffany added that she thinks “karma struck” the thieves “fast” when “he couldn’t even get into his car.”